Rubus (bramble)


There are a little over 200 native species of Rubus in the Netherlands. In the 1950-s, the genus was extensively studied by Beijerinck and Ter Pelkwijk. After a period of taxonomical confusion, which can be traced back on the work of Sudre in Southern France in the early 20th century, Van der Beek started to work on Rubus in the 1960-s, resulting in his dissertation in 1974. In Germany, H.E. Weber worked in the same way, reducing many of the synonyms in literature and working from the original types. Besides, both authors took the distribution ranges into account, which became an important feature for the recognition of species within the genus.


Today, distribution and ecology of most of the Dutch Rubus species are relatively well known. In these pages, an overview will be given over the most important literature concerning the Dutch species, and in time all species will be described and depicted. This is an ongoing project, and these pages will be updated regularly.

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